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Logan Paul Under Fire Again and YouTube Suspends Ads to His ‘Potentially Damaging’ Channel



The new, self-proclaimed “compassionate” version of Logan Paul still isn’t advertiser-friendly, according to YouTube.

The vlogging star had ads on his YouTube page temporarily suspended, with the streaming giant pointing to his “recent pattern of behavior” factoring into its decision.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s YouTube channels,” a YouTube spokesperson told TheWrap. “This is not a decision we made lightly, however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

Paul caused an uproar after posting a video of a dead body hanging from a tree in Japan’s “Suicide Forest.” The 22-year-old took several weeks off in the aftermath, but returned with a clip on suicide prevention.

“As a society, as human beings, we just have to be more compassionate,” said Paul at the time. “And that includes me, too. That’s something I’m learning along this journey.”

But less than three weeks later, Paul has found himself in YouTube’s crosshairs. The Google-owned company noted Paul encouraged his 16 million subscribers to do the Tide Pod challenge and tasered a rat in his video earlier this week.

YouTube didn’t say how long the suspension will last, but it’ll hit Paul’s wallet hard: he pulls in an estimated $1.2 million from ad revenue each month.


Shaun White Apologizes for Dragging American Flag, Promises Infidel Radio it ‘Won’t Happen Again’



We think you are the shit…just don’t be a dumb ass again!

Snowboarder Shaun White apologized Wednesday for dragging a U.S. flag on the snow after his dramatic gold medal victory in the men’s halfpipe, but said he did not know he had let the flag touch the ground.

 “I remember being handed the flag but I was trying to put my gloves on and hold the flag and get board,” he told reporters afterward. “Honestly, if there was anything, I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect.”

“The flag that’s flying on my house right now is way up there. So sorry for that,” White continued. “But I’m definitely proud — very proud — to be a part of Team USA and being an American and to be representing for everyone back home.”

White reclaimed his Olympic halfpipe title, landing back-to-back 1440s to knock Japan’s Ayumu Hirano out of the top spot, and at the same time won the United States’ 100th all-time gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

But White, who also won his third gold medal, immediately got criticism on Twitter for allowing the flag touch the ground several times while he was overcome with emotion following his career-capping performance.

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