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Feinstein Wants To Raise Minimum Age For Rifle Purchases To 21…How About Voting Age Too?



Well Dianne, maybe we shouldn’t allow those under 21 to vote either? Since CA already changed tobacco to 21 as well. How about the legal adult age for personal responsibility?  If we can can’t trust those under 21 with these other things, why should we trust them with something as important and defining as voting? Because the left relies on our young, brainwashed youth for votes.

Everyone’s favorite gun-grabbing Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is back at it again with more anti-gun legislation. This time she is using the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida to push her political agenda on the American Public.

A gun free zone and high school in Parkland, Florida was a recent scene of a mass shooting carried out by a mentally disturbed man named, Nicholas Cruz. The FBI was tipped off about Cruz’s plan to execute a mass shooting at the school, but they failed to act on the information. Police took Cruz into custody after he killed 17 of his former classmates.

Sen. Feinstein (D-Ca) from San Franciso has said she is going to introduce a bill in the Senate that would raise the age to purchase a rifle from 18 years old to 21 years old. The 18-year-olds, who serve in the military, will still be able to carry a gun in combat. They just will not be allowed to buy one when they return home from protecting our freedom from the people that want to kill us.

“Under current law, licensed gun dealers cannot sell a handgun to anyone under 21, but they are allowed to sell assault rifles like the AR-15 to anyone over 18,” Feinstein said of the current laws. “This policy is dangerous and makes absolutely no sense.”

Feinstein demonstrated in her statement that she doesn’t understand what constitutes an assault rifle. An assault rifle is a heavily regulated select fire firearm that cost thousands of dollars. Private collectors cannot buy any assault rifles made after 1986. The AR15 is not an assault rifle and is not a select-fire rifle.

It is undetermined if Feinstein calling an AR15 an assault rifle is a mistake, or if she was making an attempted to fool the general public. Since she has to know her bill will not make it out of committee, this could also be an attempt to satisfy the far left wing of the Democratic party.

“If you can’t buy a handgun or a bottle of beer, you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15,” Feinstein went on to say. “This is common sense, and I hope my Republican colleagues will join me in this effort.”

What Feinstein doesn’t explain is how it isn’t “common sense” to know that criminals don’t obey the laws. Murder is already illegal so if a person already violates one of the ten commandments and something that is illegal in every country in the world why would they obey gun laws? Wouldn’t it be “common sense” that these evil people wouldn’t follow the law?

This bill isn’t the first time Senator Feinstein exploited a tragedy to push her far left anti-gun agenda. After the Las Vegas shooting in October, where Stephen Paddock killed over 50 people, she introduced the “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act.” This act would have banned bump stocks. It never made it out of committee.



Lunatic Legislators Know No Bounds in California, Brown Signs Bill Eliminating Monetary Bail



Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed sweeping legislation to eliminate cash bail in California. The change, which will take effect in October 2019, goes further than any other state in the country to remove money from pretrial detention.

“Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly,” Brown said in a statement.

Under Senate Bill 10, California will replace bail with “risk assessments” of individuals and nonmonetary conditions of release. Counties will establish local agencies to evaluate any individual arrested on felony charges for their likelihood of returning for court hearings and their chances of re-arrest.

A person whose risk to public safety and risk of failure to appear is determined to be “low” would be released with the least restrictive nonmonetary conditions possible. “Medium-risk” individuals could be released or held depending on local standards. “High-risk” individuals would remain in custody until their arraignment, as would anyone who has committed certain sex crimes or violent felonies, is arrested for driving under the influence for the third time in less than 10 years, is already under supervision by the courts or has violated any conditions of pretrial release in the previous five years.

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